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“Be a guest at your wedding for years to come”

Technology is quickly catching up with our childhood depictions of the future. 80s brick-phones have become super-slim smartphones. 2D quickly evolved into 3D, and our vision about Virtual Reality unfolds before us. Why is it, then, that we’re still surrounded by outdated, awkward wedding videos? In today’s world, every Tom, Dick, and Harry wants to pick up a camera and call himself a videographer. Not just anyone can use 360 video to redefine the way you see weddings.

Since 2014, the Polar Effect team have placed the power of immersive technologies into the power of their clients’ hands. One of the first 360º video production companies internationally, we are now proud to be introducing solid expertise in 360 video services…to the Wedding industry. Here are six reasons to hop on board the Wedding360º train.

1 | This is the most immersive way to capture your wedding day memories

Everyone has a wedding video. Few couples have a virtual masterpiece, creating a true one-of-a-kind memory to look back on forever. With VR you no longer have to watch videos in a frame. You can turn your head to look around! With just your Smartphone and a cardboard VR headset, your field of view is completely covered in 360º. You instantly “teleport” inside the scene for a truly immersive experience.

Costly fireworks or flower decorations will only last a day, so consider your wedding budget thoughtfully before you spend too much on other stuff. You could say, 360 video is the closest you will get to a time machine.

2 | Share your special moments with the people who couldn’t make it

There’s always that handful of guests unable to attend a wedding. A 360º video means you can invite people to your wedding, even once it’s over.

3 | Impress guests with innovative, boundless technology

It’s no secret that most people don’t exactly look forward to weddings. It’s just the same-old-same-old, in their minds. Virtual Reality technology will blow them away, knocking their socks off and making them hesitant to ever make such an assumption again. Be an influencer.

4 | Take a walk in your guests’ shoes

The only way to know whether your wedding went according to plan is to play it back from your guests’ perspective! Never before have couples been able to relive their wedding memories from a viewpoint other than their own, through the power of a 360º video.

5 | Look beyond traditional thank you gifts with unique cardboard VR headsets

Virtual reality headsets are a completely new and surprising giveaway to say thank you to family and friends for sharing your special day with them. We will design print and deliver your custom VR goggles so your guests can take the experience with them.

6 | Share your wedding online for all to see

As long as you have a device and internet, you can share your unforgettable video online. Be one of the first people to embrace an innovative wedding capture solution and enjoy the “shares” and “likes”. You’re welcome!

It’s the 21st century. Weddings don’t need to be bursting with kitsch zoom-ins and awkward shot selections. Give your wedding an edge set to be the envy of every bride and groom with an amazing 360 video.

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