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Trending New Tech? – Great! Heres what to look out for…

Exciting! First it was the term “Cinematic”, then the drones.. What’s trending now?

As excited as we are, to have been the first to introduce 360 video in Cyprus, we also foresee that the wedding video industry will quickly be saturated with the new medium. It is already trending in international wedding shows as the most immersive way to relive your special day.

Traditional wedding videographers will jump into this new trend before you realise. Is it that simple though? Could any wedding videographer pick up a 360 action cam and start shooting 360 ? Sure.. but you can do that yourself.

Be aware!

Don’t fall for the ‘Wow factor’!

Since affordable cameras are becoming ever more accessible, most wedding photographers  and studios will try to sell 360º video made with various consumer grade cameras. Samsung Gear360, RicohTheta V, Gopro’s Fusion360 are only some of them.   

If you want a lower cost solution for your wedding, simply grab your own 360 camera.

Avoid being tricked by traditional videographers that will include this as a “gimmick” in their packages.

The day of your wedding is special and not repeatable no matter what is trending currently.

You might want to be sure that the experience will be captured reliably in highest possible standard. Perhaps you don’t want to compromise for a lower cost solution that will leave you, with inadequate results.

We have been into this since way before the technology was commercially viable and as such we are best equipped from a technological but also creative standpoint. We offer you the highest standard results possible to date! At PolarEffect we develop our own camera systems and software workflows offering carefully crafted, VR experiences with Wedding360. Let us have the honour to cover your event and we promise you a “portal” to travel back and experience your wedding in the most breathtaking way.

If you like to have a cool give-way for your guests we will have your custom cardboard VR viewers designed printed and delivered.